Project Management & Controls

Project Management and Controls

Gulf Falcon’s Contracting Company prides itself of its team that has solid Project Management & Controls background. Our team of Project Management and Project Controls professionals provides integrated support to the projects through all processes, starting from initiating a project, going into planning, Executing, monitoring and control until closure. Throughout the entire project cycle, our team reiterates back and forth in order to properly manage all risks involved and mitigate them through elimination or minimizing their impacts on both the Schedule and the Cost. Our Promise to our Clients is the lowest possible fees in the market, with the maximum possible return to them.

♦ Feasibility Study and Production of the necessary business case;
♦ Preparation of Project Charter;
♦ Preparation of Project Management Plan (Execution Plan);
♦ Budget Preparation and Verification;
♦ Project Health Check and Diagnosis:
      1. Schedule Analysis;
      2. Cost Analysis;
      3. Forecasts.
♦ Claims Review and Recommendations Reporting;
♦ Third Party Project Management Audits, Findings and Recommendations Reporting;
♦ Client’s Representation;
♦ Project Closeout Management.
♦ Tender Administration Process:
♦ Contractors Prequalification;
♦ Construction Packaging Strategy and Implementation;
♦ Tender Preparation; 
♦ Tender Review, Evaluation and Recommendation Reporting;
♦ Tender Negotiation and award.
♦ Construction Review and Recommendations;
♦ Management of Supervision consultants throughout the entire Monitoring and Control and Closing process;
♦ Management of contractors throughout the entire Monitoring and Control and the Closing Process:
♦ Schedule and Cost Control;
♦ Contract Management and Administration;
♦ Risk Management.